So when thinking about my first post for this site.  There were so many topics that came across my mind.  This space will contain various articles ranging from the very technical to general musings about app development.

One of the greatest trends over the last several years has been the importance of UI/UX.  Apple has always taken great pride in these areas.  Microsoft introduced a design language with Windows Phone, Xbox One, and Windows 8 that tried to bring simplicity to the once chaotic windows forms that plagued us over the last two decades.  Then last year Google released the Material design language which creates a design language that covers phones, tablets, desktops, and the web.

Below is a video that many of you have seen, and if you haven't then you should definitely check it out.  Corning's "A Day Made of Glass", is amazing because it looks at the possibilities of what is to come.  The Microsoft Kinect was the device that made me miss programming to the point that I needed to return to what I always had a passion for growing up.  Although the device wasn't perfect, it was an example of the virtual world breaking into our real world.  There are many devices such as the Leap Motion, Myo, Occulus Rift, Emotiv Insight, Google's Chromecast and Glass, and the constant stream of mobile devices that are breaking us free from the personal computer.  The biggest challenge these devices need to overcome is ease of use.  They are missing the software (the phones and chomecast are the exception) that will make these devices truly amazing.  This is why I love the Corning video because it represents something we need to strive for.  The video displays all of these devices working in concert in a fun, playful, and practical way.

Typical posts in the future will contain original material.  However, as an introduction I couldn't resist sharing this because it truly represents what drives me when I create software.  All of us should set the bar higher.